Get the secrets of the auction pros

Raise more money for your organization with less work.

Help Me Raise More Money

You’ll get our 4 best strategies for an outstanding auction.

Why You Need A Blueprint

If you’re running an auction, you’re probably a little bit stressed (more like, way stressed out!!) about your to do list. Let’s face it: you’re not an expert in software, finance, party planning, or even fundraising. But guess what?

  • You don’t need to be.
  • You’ve got the step-by-step guide right here
Aucton-Profit-Blueprint (3)-page-001 (2)

You get the top 4 tips that help you raise the most money for your cause.

Most people:

  • Hold a bunch of time-consuming meetings about the auction plan
  • Research ideas for getting more bidders
  • Cross their fingers that the auction will raise enough money

Get the plan that will save you time and money!

You’ll learn the secrets to:

social-media Getting lots of bidders without spending hours on social media
cash Increasing cash donations quickly
donor Selling sponsorships that work for donors
sponsor Keeping donors engaged and bidding

Aucton-Profit-Blueprint (3)-page-001 (2)

We make it easy to have a no-stress auction. We’ve put all our know-how into making it painless for you.

You’ll get everything a successful auction chair needs:

  • Fast auction set up. In 5 minutes, you’re inviting bidders.
  • Easy registration and check-out. We cover all administration details. Even the finances.
  • Painless donor engagement. Get the most bidders and reengage with non bidders to maximize your bottom line.

The Auction Profit Blueprint is your roadmap to a money-making auction (and it will help you sleep like a baby)

Here’s how it works

A successful auction in 3 easy steps:

  • Download the Auction Proft Blueprint
  • Try our 2-minute mini-auction to see how easy it is
  • Start your auction and inviting bidders
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